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Ant Control

Identification of these insects is critical when treating because there are so many different species. From fire ants and carpenter ants to thief ants and pavement ants, each type has different behaviors. For instance, carpenter ants can usually be found living inside hollow spots in trees or even in a structure such as a house. Where as, fire ants are usually found in mounds in open areas such as fields or your back yard where they bog down your lawn mower. Either way, figuring out where they live and how they're bothering you is our priority. Usually, treating all ants is an outside in job. What this means is that they usually don't live "inside" your house. That is just where you notice them first, so we start outside with a perimeter spraying of about 10 to 15 feet around the house. We also spray the inside around all base boards, windows, doors, etc. along with crack and crevice, as needed. After this initial "clean up" treatment we recommend our monthly program for at least a few months after. We do not have general pest contracts, so what you do is completely up to you. Call us today, reach us through facebook, or e-mail us via our "contact us" page.

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